Tailored Showit Website Design Services for
Bold, Creative Female Entrepreneurs

Why Choose Custom Showit Design for Your Website

  • Creative Control: With Showit's intuitive drag-and-drop interface, your creative vision comes to the forefront—no coding necessary. At The Social Sundays, we leverage this flexibility to its full potential, allowing for a design process where your brand's essence is deeply embedded in every detail. Led by Veronika Popyk and our team of experts, we ensure that your website is not just visually striking but a true representation of your unique narrative.

  • Responsive Design: Understanding the diverse ways your audience interacts with your brand online, we ensure our Showit designs provide a flawless user experience on any device. This commitment to responsive design means your message is delivered with impact and elegance, whether on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The result? Enhanced brand reach and engagement, keeping you connected with your audience wherever they are.

  • SEO Friendly: A beautiful website deserves to be seen. Our Showit designs are built with SEO in mind, aiming to boost your site's visibility on search engines and ensure your brand stands out. With The Social Sundays, you're not just getting a website; you're getting a platform optimized for the digital age, where your brand voice is amplified and your visibility is elevated.

Our Showit Web Design Process

A deep dive into your brand's story, goals, and vision.

  • Design Phase: The initial step is all about getting to know you—your brand's essence, ambitions, and the unique story you wish to tell. This deep dive forms the foundation of the Design Phase, where our creative team, guided by the visionary leadership of Veronika Popyk, begins the artful process of translating your brand into a visually stunning and highly functional Showit website. This phase is a collaborative journey, ensuring every pixel from color palettes to layout structures aligns with your vision and resonates with your target audience.

  • Development & Testing: With the design blueprint in hand, we move to the Development & Testing Phase. Here, our skilled developers bring the design to vibrant life, coding and crafting each element to perform without any hassle. But our commitment doesn't stop at aesthetics; we rigorously test your site across all browsers and devices, ensuring seamless functionality, speed, and responsiveness. This phase is crucial, as we fine-tune every detail to guarantee an exceptional user experience from the first to last click.

  • Launch & Empowerment: The culmination of our journey together is the Launch & Empowerment Phase. This celebratory milestone is where your Showit website makes its grand entrance into the digital world. But our support doesn't end with the launch. We provide a comprehensive handover, including personalized Showit training, empowering you and your team to manage and evolve your site with confidence. It's our way of ensuring that as your brand grows, your website continues to serve as a dynamic and engaging digital home.

Get Aesthetic Presence with everlasting Showit Website & brand

A custom showit website is great. But if it isn't built on a strategic SEO Foundation... how will your dream clients ever find you online?

As a small business owner, nothing is more unsettling than investing in a custom Showit website only to find it virtually invisible to potential customers. The absence of organic Return on Investment (ROI) exacerbates this concern.

This conviction underscores the essence of my work and distinguishes my custom Showit design services from others.

In collaboration with me, you gain access to a seamless integration of two essential components: bespoke web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This synergistic approach ensures not only enhanced visibility for your business but also an engaging user experience that fosters client retention. I am committed to crafting a distinctive design tailored precisely to the unique identity of your enterprise, facilitating effortless discovery by your target audience.


Successful Brands We Made



A business photographer in San Diego

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Modern with Edge

A luxury hair salon based in SC

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Editorial & Sharp

Jewelry brand founded by Whitney Raiser

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A luxury business  mentor

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Feel free to explore our portfolio page that showcases sneak peaks at the variety of projects we have had the great honor to craft.

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As a Showit Website Designer and SEO Strategist, I collaborate with innovative business owners who seek to organically expand their reach and influence. My mission is to ensure that your website not only boasts a visually striking design but also ranks prominently on search engines, serving as a reliable 24-hour salesperson for your brand. Grounded in Veronika's adventurous spirit and fortified by unwavering faith, we are more than a design agency; we are the architects of compelling stories for luxury brands.

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I'm sooo thankful for you and your talents, my experience working with you and how everything turned out! I know its going to be so beneficial long term and I'm so glad I took the leap-definitely was what the business needed! So thank you a million!



common questions



What sets us apart for female entrepreneurs?

As a branding and web design agency, what sets us apart for female entrepreneurs is our deep understanding of the nuances of their target audience and market. We specialize in crafting visually compelling and strategically designed brand identities and websites that resonate with the female demographic. Our team is adept at incorporating feminine aesthetics, messaging, and storytelling into our designs, ensuring that female entrepreneurs can authentically connect with their audience and stand out in their respective industries. Additionally, we offer personalized consultations and support tailored to the unique goals and challenges faced by women in business, empowering them to build strong, memorable brands that drive success.


What does the journey from concept to launch look like?

The journey from concept to launch when designing on the Showit platform follows a systematic and collaborative process tailored to ensure the creation of a visually stunning and highly functional website


What magical elements are included in our website design packages?

Our website design packages are infused with a touch of magic, offering a transformative experience from concept to launch. Such as: Customized Visual Storytelling, Showit Platform Magic, Enchanted Collaboration, Seamless User Experience, and Spellbinding Support and Guidance.


How long it takes to design and launch a custom Showit website?

Very project is different however it takes around 4-6 weeks to launch a custom Showit website.


Could I make additional change requests after final delivery?

Additional change requests after the final delivery will be subject to hourly charges for our services. We aim to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and requirements, but any further modifications or updates beyond the agreed-upon scope will incur fees based on the time and resources required to implement them. We're committed to providing ongoing support and assistance, but it's important to note that additional changes may result in additional costs