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As the founder and director of The Social Sundays, I’m a woman on a mission to unapologetically bring my faith in God and my desire for true connection with other women into the online space. I accidentally fell into branding & Web Design and it changed my life. It became a consuming fire within me because I found that I could create lasting, impactful relationships with women while reinventing their brand in a way that brought them unshakeable confidence. 

While creating these everlasting friendships, I’ve been able to show women they can change the world through their brand. They can use it as a tool for impact. It became my purpose for Social Sundays to fuel friendship, change the world, and create a brand for women that changes their life. 

This is for me!

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I have an adventurous spirit

I adore coffee and I definitely need to go on a coffee detox!

God is my number one


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Without a high-end, intentional brand it’s nearly impossible to attract high paying clientele. 93% of people focus on visual appearance alone when they consider making a purchase. Our heart driven Brand Experience gives you intentional visuals and strategic positioning designed to leave an iconic mark in your industry. 

For the industry shaking woman looking to have a website as luxurious as her brand. Because it only takes 0.5 seconds to form an opinion, we specialize in making those 0.5 seconds impactful. Get elevated web design that will attract your highest paying clientele.

Because we know groundbreaking impact looks different for each woman, we’ve consciously created the Brand Photoshoot Extenion and the Brand Beyond to help you become the best version of yourself.


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Word on the street is

Working with Veronika has been absolutely amazing! She's literally the sweetest and explains things very thoroughly. I felt confident leaving my website in her hands as she provided frequent updates and room for feedback. She was able to take my vision and translate it into reality. She really thinks 5 steps ahead!


my income went from 4k to 9k months thanks to your website alone! What my dream clients had in common when deciding to schedule a call with me was how well I presented myself through my brand & website! It has become the corner stone of my business!


Veronika is so knowledgeable in design. It's an area I really struggle in and I told her what I need help with and she was able to deliver it above my expectations! She's hands down my favorite web designer and always my go to!


I can't stop obsessing over my brand and website now, I love seeing it in action! It has been the best investment for my business and something i recommend to everyone! A million times thank you for her creative genuis and the energy she brought into this project!



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